Financing a used house with bank

The time to come, visit a completely old one. Good Credit funding for self-financing and for the purchase of real estate or for building your own four walls with the exception of the state housing promotion programs (Good Credit).

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Financing a used house with Good Credit | Format Household & Living

Financing a used house with Good Credit | Format Household & Living

Hello Irene, I would like to give you an answer, although we are not much further than you! In addition, we intend to fund a property primarily with a cheap loan from Good Lender. You have already clarified very well that we should actually be able to receive up to USD 170,000 at a reduced interest rate.

Depending on where the future apartment building is located. Our 2 children will be born in the coming days! Of course, there are guidelines for the maximum building size, but I have already noticed on several calls that if all other influencing factors are correct (e.g. monthly income and load limit not exceeded), there is room for other values.

The interest rate level increases over the years, but for us, it would be that our monthly burden would initially be around USD 300 less than with a normal loan. In any case, we want to receive such a loan through Good Lender, because the federal government is concerned with making it easier for young people to find their own home.

Do you already have the Good Lender brochure at home?

Do you already have the Good Lender brochure at home?

Congratulations and good luck with the house search, hello Irene, well, we (a toddler, 2 years, delivery date for the second (which then counts !!!!)) also built our used house over the Good Lender a few months ago, You need many copies for the application (salary slips, building plans, etc.) and are also comparatively strict, for example with regard to the size of the accommodations supervised.

As a result of this financing, our initial interest rate is now almost half the current market interest rate. It increases every two years but is still below the current interest rate of the credit institutions at the end of the financing period.

Göppingen district – Housing promotion


As part of the Apartmenthaus Baden-Württemberg 2018/2019 program, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg supports the construction of condominiums and the rental of properties with low-cost bonds. The loan is approved by the Good Lender. Before you conclude a purchase contract or start construction work, you should wait until Good Lender has granted you a loan.

Married couples, long-term partnerships, single parents with at least one or more small children and severely disabled people with special housing needs can set up a low-interest loan. For example, a family with 2 children who achieve the permitted source of income of USD 76,000 per year can raise a subsidized loan volume of up to USD 240,000 for a new building or up to USD 192,000 for the acquisition of a portfolio.

The Good Lender will reduce the loan interest rate to 0.5 percentage points for 15 years, and the repayment will be 2.0 percentage points. For childless married couples and singles there is a chance to obtain a capital market loan from Good Lender at an undiscounted rate. If a small child is taken into household use within six years, the interest on the capital market loan is reduced.

This presupposes that the funding system applicable at the time of application provides for such funding and meets the corresponding income threshold. The purchase of a new living space within four years after its completion corresponds to the purchase of a new building. The basic grant is granted in the form of a low-interest loan of 0.0 percentage points per year for ten, 15, 25 and 30 years at a reduced interest rate.

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